Firecracker Heels
  • <b> </b> I learned early on that it truly takes true effort to be in love. Maybe falling in love is natural but constantly being in love needs effort, needs hardwork, sacrifices and compromises. A lot has changed since I started teaching and everything I feel now seems miniscule to what I should be really thinking about. But I keep going back to this point where I feel not significant enough... Not to be recognized but not significant enough to consider being more assertive or supportive of myself. I am more composed now, and I can channel my energies better but knowing that one person who I know makes time for me is now only giving it when he has the time (yeah law school is a bitch) hurts and I keep blaming myself for not being able to accept what the reality is. I guess I have to keep remembering why I chose to love and why I still do. That when this has progressed to another level, everything else will be better.<p><b></b> But for now I have to learn that it's okay to feel sad, it's okay to feel lonely. Maybe it isn't okay to tell him now but maybe one day I will.<p>